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PROGRAMMING Vs CODING: The Clear Difference You Should Know in 2020

by Ibrahim Dauda
coding and programming

Most individuals tend to think that programming and coding mean the same thing therefore leading to lots of misconceptions and assumptions about the two terms.

Even individuals who work in computer programming or software development companies also recognize the terms “programming and coding” as similar because both are often used interchangeably.

coding and programming
Programming Vs Coding

However coding is totally different from programming and its important we know the difference between both of them.

First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of these two terms to unable us have a better understanding about each of them;

What is Programming?
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Programming could be defined as the process of creating an executable machine level program that can be run and implemented without any errors.

It is the process of writing codes or rather feeding the machine with a set of instructions to run.

A programmer creates things, develops logic and analyzes a problem. Writing a code can be seen as the beginning steps of what majes up the tasks of a programmer.

The job of a programmer is to craft and create solutions to even the slightest problems that may or may not occur.

What is Coding?

Coding could be defined as the process of creating and translating code from one language to another. Coding only deals with codes thereby making it less intimidating

It can be called the subset of Programming since it actually implements the initial steps of programming.

As we all know, computers don’t interact in our language, it only understand the machine code that is the binary language. So what a coder does is to translate the requirements into a language that is machine will understand. In other words, they are more of a language oriented programmers who translate logics into machine-readable codes.

Programming Vs Coding

Now let’s take a look at some of the difference between these two terms in order not to confuse ourselves at the long run or whenever the need arises:

  • Programming is the building of an executable program that can be run without errors. Here, codes are created by performing deep analysis and many optimization methods with the use of Algorithms. This is the reason why programmers need to be very skilled in their job and have good knowledge of Algorithms and advance concepts. Whereas, Coding is the translation of codes from one language to another and in coding, we don’t deal with complex problems and thereby it is less intensive.
  • Programming deals with different types of complex scenarios and programs to ensure proper implementation of the product. Whereas, Coding is very easy and simple to learn and understand compared to programming.
  • programming involves not only coding but other tax such as analyzing and implementing algorithm, understanding data structures and more. Whereas, Coding involves many lines codes in other to create a software program.
  • Programming, you need to have an experience in creating algorithms, modeling a problem, data procession. Whereas, A coder’s job is to translate code and they also have basic knowledge of a programming language, its syntax and keywords.
  • Aprogrammer should have a good knowledge of coding as well as various optimization algorithm. He has to be able to write the code and deal with many complex problems as well. Whereas, Coder does not need to be highly skilled in software development; he just needs to know the syntax of the programming language.

Coding is a subset of programming and it deals with the transformation of computer language to other understandable and simpler languages. Coding is recognized for its simplicity and ease in carrying out its instructions (Coding). It can be carried out by an instructor known as the Coder. Programming is known for its complexity in carrying out the processes of programming. A programming instruction can be carried out by an instructor called a Programmer. Programming can be seen as the universal set while in coding, it is the subset of programming.

To put it simply, all programmers are coders but not all coders are programmers.

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