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2 best programming languages all kids must learn

by Ibrahim Dauda

Programming is a great skill for any child to learn and develop, but not just all programming languages can easily be understood and code by children, below are the two (2) best programming languages for every kids who is passionate in learning programming.

1. Scratch Programming


Scratch is a visual programming language developed by LifeLong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, releasing its first version in 2003 and ever since has been translated into 70+ languages.

Scratch Programming is an event-driven block based programming language which primarily targeted children. The community statistics shows that more than 54 million users have shared over 52 million projects on the platform as of April, 2020. And also, the site has more than 55 million monthly visitors.

Why Scratch For Kids

  • Scratch is used as an introductory programming language for kids because it make them think like programmers, get a better understanding on the key coding concept and also, skills learnt in scratch can be applied to other programming languages like python, java, JavaScript etc.
  • It is fun, easy to learn and understanding language.
  • It has an interactive online community, building block visual interface and also kids friendly programming environment.
  • Scratch is definitely at the forefront of the tools which will help the kids to gain so much knowledge about computational thinking, Digital Fluency, Creative computing and also to some extent even robotics.
  • Different types of projects such as interactive stories, character animations, creative games and even mobile apps can be built using scratch programming.
  • Improve their thinking abilities to solve creative problems, express innovative and productive ideas into reality by just using drag and drop code blocks.

Official website

2. Python Programming

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Python is a high level, object oriented programming language Developed by Guido Van Rossum (a Dutch Programmer), releasing its first version in 1991.

Python is also an interpreted language that supports modules & packages, which encourage program modularity and code reuse. It has an object-oriented approach which aim programmers to write clear and logical codes for small or large scale program.

Why Python For Kids

They are several reason that makes python extremely standout and useful for coding specially for kids. Below are the few reasons why python programming is highly recommended for kids.

    • Python is among the simplest language that can easily be installed and set-up on your computer (i.e. saves time and effort in the installation process).
    • It doesn’t require the use of complicated symbols and all its syntax are understandable, easy to use and learn.
    • Python is known as the foundation or starting point for kids, as it allows them to easily understand how other languages works.
    • Highly creative ideas can easily transform productive projects with just few lines of code.
    • It has interactive shell, in which anyone can use and enter the programs and run them easily.
    • Python can be used to create different projects such as web applications, programming robots, scientific computing, games and also mobile applications.
    • It also provides a simple way to create programs with advanced graphics and animations using Turtle Module, Tkinter Module etc.
    • It also provides service for Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking Automations etc.

Python is among the best and fastest growing programming language in the recent years.

According to STACKOVERFLOW (the largest & reliable community for programmers), it ranked PYTHON as the fastest growing programming language.

  • It has more than 9 million developers across the globe.
    • It has more than 100 frameworks, libraries, packages, and modules.
    • More than 100 million projects had been coded using python, since after its first version released in 1991 (30 years ago). Suggested age: 14 years

Official website

Have you seen how and why every child needs to learn at least one of the above listed programming languages, it is not only easy to learn but help the kids to think creatively, and to use these programming language to productively solve crucial societal problems.

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