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TechIconNG is known for exploring Tech opportunities, Ideas, Solutions, and gadgets reviews. we are known for sharing reliable Infomation on tech opportunities (such as Free Online Course, Interships, Remote Jobs, Grants, Events, Hackathons and lot more.), Exploring various tech Ideas, why and how to use tech gadgets and providing realiable Solutions to different problems with Tech Ecosystem.

At TechiconNG, our main priority is to provide and enlighten Internet users, most expecially computer programmers with useful and reliable information on how they can improve their skills techincally in an effective and efficient way through the information on the free courses, Internships, Online Training and among others, we share on this platform.

And also, we don’t Just provide Informations but we also show our users how to make use of their skills productively through the Grants, Jobs, and Hackathons Information we share.

We aspire to be the most Unique and No. 1 Online Platform Providing various Information about technogical issues ( based on the areas we listed above).