Programing is the future; it is safe, less strenuous and more desirable to the modern man because of its feasibility at the comfort of one’s home. Being a programmer might not be strenuous but it’s certainly not as easy as one would think. To the average person its merely just being  good on a computer not knowing of the challenges faced and tackled by an individual to attain the profile of a 21st century programmer. The new programmers tend to face more challenges in contrast to the full-fledge and experienced programmer. It’s easy to run into problem that makes you wonder how anyone has managed to make it as programmer. Like every other profession it has its challenges, its ups and downs that must of us don’t know of. Well that’s the aim of this article, to highlight these challenges. Here we take a look at 5 common challenges mostly encountered by beginners who just began their career in programming:


It’s anything but difficult to get stumbled before you even start. As an amateur you have no understanding regarding whatprogramming language is appropriate or easy to understand. You need a complier and a programming instructional exercise. Itmay appear as though something simple to discover however it is exceptionally serious. There are such a significant number of programming languages like:

  • Python
  • Html
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Shell

Each of these languages has its own purpose from creating simple web pages to complex computer programs. Even experts have to spend time carefully evaluation which to use for a particular task .So don’t feel alone. 


As fundamental and explicit as programming sounds, its really tedious. The vast majority will in general forget about time once they grasp programming. Booking an undertaking and finishing it on time can be troublesome in light of the fact that writing computer programs is an occupation that is rarely altogether finished; there might be blunders and bugs that will consistently should be fixed. To think you have power over your planning is only hopeless.

Luckily this can be handled when you embrace to a working time limit, this is finished by defining an objective for a day or a particular time and focusing on it, this can assist you with keeping tract and in making the best of your time. Performing various tasks is another method of handling this, you to will in general complete more this however its outcome is that it profoundly debilitating pushing.


A significant perspective in writing computer programs is investigating which is a bit by bit built procedure of finding and correcting blunders or bugs in a program. It is planned for staying away from glitch and programming breakdown which keeps the program from running productively. A few bugs are anything but difficult to correct however a ton aren’t and this can prompt loss of advancement time and disappointment for apprentices. As another developer, you’re not very much familiar with programming not to talk of troubleshooting. Investigating can be muddling thus it requires accuracy and duty to improve your troubleshooting abilities. Be that as it may, the uplifting news is bugs are normal in programming and these means ought to be of help.

  • You need to understand the internals of your OS
  • expose yourself to a greater variety of codes 
  • learn to use more advance debugging tools
  • explain your code out loud 

Innovation progresses and extends continuously, it difficult being a software engineer which devours time and as yet figuring out how to stay aware of innovation. System, apparatuses and libraries become obsolete rapidly. For instance frontend structures generally keep going for a year or two preceding new and refreshed adaptation goes along. For the most part refreshed forms are acceptable in light of the fact that they are progressively proficient and make your activity simpler however you likewise need to get use to them quick and that is something you may battle with as another developer.

Indeed, even Veteran software engineers realize that cycles and regular updates goes with the job. The best discharge are refreshed one to four times each month, as another software engineer you may battle under that sort of weight.


When you’re relatively new you actually have some room for error. You can get away with being inexperienced and naïve but not for long. Once you’ve built and shared some products. You begin to build a reputation for yourself, being held accountable for the bugs and errors. Keep in mind that programming is very competitive so it’s easier to lose credibility if your products are full of errors wile your completion’s isn’t.

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